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Designated Deejay Entertainment (DDE) is your complete mobile audio and visual entertainment specialist with over 15-years of experience in integrating the ambiant touch to making your event warmly memorable.

DDE has an active and growing digital library of over 154,000 songs at instant request from current BillBoard 100s, Top 40, Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Jazz, Country, and others. DDE maintains a reserve digital depository of 440GB (370,000+ songs). DDE also has the capability to acquire other special music as required by clients.

DDEs expansive library affords great versatility in supplying our clients with event appropriate music from walking the wedding party down the aisle to celebrating secular traditions to themed events (i.e. 70s or 80s parties) to playing dance tracks across a broad array of genres to pacify for all ages and music preferences (i.e, family and/or class reunions).

Lighting and fog effects give that final artisitc touch albeit simply uplighting or the full club atmosphere of multi-colored streams of lights through periodically deployed fog.

Additionally, DDE is equipped to create and master video montages of pictures and/or video clips to add video presentation to your event. We will consult with you to tailor a story of pictures with or without music that shares your intended story. Video montages are also a great gift and keepsake!

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Considering an event where music and/or video will assist in establishing the ambiance or simply be the catalyst for a memorable affair? Let's discuss your date, venue, and vision and how we can create the perfect social event inclusive of allowing you the peace of mind to personally enjoy your event.

We encourage you to leverage our experience and resources to ease the stress of planning and hosting your event.

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