All events are professionally consulted with the objective of tailoring music, visual, and other aesthetics to achieve your vision and requirements. Performances are “typically” based on a minimum four (4) performance time. Every event is unique and, thus, we reserve the right to negotiate and adjust our accordingly to address the specific event and its variables. For example, navigating flights of stairs, transporting heavy equipment over sand/gravel, limited power, or any variety of set-up challenges.

Event fees include and are not limited to:

  • In-person consultation
  • Pre-event venue inspection
  • Email and/or phone follow-ups
  • Graphic depiction of set-up
  • Delivery, set-up, and tear-down inclusive of any exhausted materials
  • High-end equipment inclusive JBL, QSC, Yamaha, American DJ, Chauvet, Apple, etc.
  • Highly experienced (more than 20 years), friendly, and professional deejay/emcee

Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs have a special consultation protocol which we’re happy to discuss and define.

Audio and PA Options

Simple Sound - Two (2) Midrange Speakers with up to four (4) hours performance time


  • Pre-event consultation
  • No cost site inspection (if less than 20 miles)
  • Option to provide a favorites song list

Small Event & Venue
up 50 guests
$ 600 with $100/hr extended time

Medium/Large Event & Venue
50 – 100 guests
$750 with $ 100/hr extended time

Next Level Full Fidelity – includes two (2) midrange speakers and subwoofer complement and up to four (4) hours of performance time


  • Pre-event consultation
  • No cost site inspection (if less than 20 miles)
  • Option to provide a favorites song list

Small Event & Venue
up 70 guests
$ 850 with $125/hr extended time
2.1 Audio Set-up (Dual Midrange and single subwoofer)

Medium/Large Event & Venue
70 – 200 guests
$1,050 with $ 125/hr extended time
2.2 Audio Set-up (Dual Mid-range and dual subwoofers)

Custom Audio Platform – this is a custom option based on larger guest count (220+), larger venue volume, and/or multi-room/area setup
starting at $1,200 for initial four (4) performance time plus $ 175/hr extended time

PA Set-up – this is a custom option with pricing based on the following:

  • Audio System size
  • Required number of stage monitors and instrument plug-ins
  • Duration of the event
  • Special considerations such access (stairs, gravel, steep terrain, etc.)

Special Event Consultation – These events include (but are not limited to) weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, family reunions, etc. where specific itineraries, deejay serving event emcee, and/or circumstances dictate on-going consulting and/or availability (including rehearsals).
Minimum Charge = $ 300

In some cases, additional fees will apply such as multi-room/space audio setup, mileage beyond 30 miles one-way, difficult access (i.e. multiple flights of stair, steep or non-paved terrain), and other to be defined considerations.

Lighting and Visual Effects

Uplighting – fully customizable static colors, color fades, sound active

$ 75 for initial pair set-up
$ 40 each after initial set-up

Party Dance Lighting

  • Two (2) color laser Light
  • Multi-color four (4) beam LEDs
  • Other lighting types available upon request

Quoted based on light type, quantities, and set-up

$ 75
$ 100

Lit LED Dance Floor

Quoted based on size and other custom effects

Gobo Projection – fully customizable monograms, patterns, logos, etc.
Customized gobo disc start at $ 60

$ 200

Projection for video & slide shows
Includes audio plug-in to audio system

$ 250

For cake, Sweetheart tables, speaker podium, etc

$ 40 for cake table
$ 20 each additional

Truss Lighting Stand

$ 200 (bare truss)

$ 240 (including tri-wedge uplights)

Fog Effects
Choice of club fog or “haze”/mist effect fog

$ 100 per machine

Many other ambiance effects available upon request

  • Draping
  • Dance floor (illuminated and/or non-illuminated)
  • Stages

Quoted on ICB

Booking Dates and Services

  • A minimum 25% deposit is required to book/reserve the date, time, and interval for your event.
  • Deposits are partially** refundable or can be transferred to another available date and event
    • A rate of 10% is non-refundable OR
      • ** 15% of the 25% deposit is refundable OR
    • The established consultation is retained by Designated Deelay Entertainment